Saturday, July 28, 2012

Updated To-Do List! (now with links!) - Linky Party!

Alright, I've had my blog up for ten days and I'm at almost 1350 page views. That makes me happy! I feel blessed that y'all would want to read what I have to write.

Anyway, I figured it was time to update my to-do list! Here it is as of 10:52 pm!
^^Editing again on Sunday. Leaving the original date the same...but adding a LINKY PARTY! YAY!!!

I'm linking up with Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies for a Back To School To-Do List linky party! Yay!

These are all of the things that I need to do to go back to school and feel 100% ready!

  1. Print off all items for 1st Unit (Google Apps).
  2. Mark pages in textbook to which I will need to refer. Make sure to print the excerpt of Tom Sawyer.
  3. Read stories for 1st Unit (textbook and online).
  4. Finish creating materials for 1st Unit.
  5. E-mail Joy about WWW for this year.
  6. Decorate clipboard (Pinterest idea).
  7. Buy binder and decorate for missed work/notes. New Plan: Create ISN. Keep it updated throughout the year so that kids who miss notes and assignments have something to reference.
  8. Back to school shopping (maybe) - Tax Free Weekend is August 3-5.
  9. Organize books by genre. Label the genres.
  10. Revise procedures, rules/expectations, welcome back letter, and supply list.
  11. Picture frames with lined paper and a cute bow = dry-erase boards for to-do list (Pinterest idea)
  12. Teacher Toolbox (Pinterest idea)
  13. Create file box for documentation (Pinterest idea).
  14. Create ice-breakers and 1st day activities.
  15. Word Wall/Concept Map sketch for one of my whiteboards.
  16. Ask my hall if I can do the August/September welcome back board. Show them the idea for the football board.
  17. Create hanging file box for lesson plans, folders that I'm currently using, and calendar (Pinterest idea).
  18. Create an all-in-one teacher binder (or this one from Clutter-Free Classroom) and/or a master notebook with one copy of every worksheet that I use. (I want to do this but, with the new curriculum starting this year, I may just make it as I go along...and stick a post-it on it with the standards that it helps me teach???)
  19. Get this for my desk! Help me with the organization and the staying on task! Decorate it with the labels - Need to Grade, Graded, Make Copies
  20. Create a birthday chart (need my rosters first!). Each month, I'll put up the birthdays! Each child gets some sort of prize on his/her b-day. Ideas?
  21. Create a "behavior bingo" for management? It seems too juvenile for 7th graders...but I think they'll really like it once they start getting prizes! Here's where I got the idea: Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies
  22. Create a station for enrichment. A place students can go to get something else to do that will enrich their minds (not just busy work...). What to have there??? Hmmm....
I swear, I just keep adding to this! Lol! Stupid Pinterest! ;)