Thursday, July 26, 2012

Poor baby :(

My poor little man has his first diaper rash. I think we did pretty well considering he's 13 months old and has never had one before. He screams and screams every time we have to change his diaper AND anytime he feels like he has to use the bathroom (pee or poop...but especially poop). Every time I put Desitin on his bum and put the diaper on him, he almost immediately poops. I guess it just helps him relax enough to poo? Soothes his rash long enough for him to get it out?

Anyway, he took a bath and then played naked for about 25 minutes to air out his bum. This supposedly helps with the rash. I was tempted to let him sleep naked too...but I.....just don't know about that. He stinkies every morning and I wouldn't be happy about that clean up (and Kevin is too squeamish to do it. He wretches every time he changes a poopie diaper). I put a diaper on him as loose as possible and put him to bed. Poor baby.

Here are some cute baby pictures! :)