Friday, August 2, 2013

What a great day!

Hi all of you marvelous people that actually read my blog! 

I've had a really good day overall. This is awesome. I love having days like this. 

I started off my day with my baby boy coming to play with me in my room. He loves to come and cuddle with me in the mornings. I have to go get him out of his crib, change his diaper, and all but FORCE him to come in my room...but once he's there, he loves to play! 

Then, we watched Monsters Inc. for the millionth time and had breakfast - Dark Chocolate Muffins. So good and not terrible for you. He loves his "nuppins." 

He was so tired after the movie went off, so I put him down for a nap. While he was napping, I drank some coffee and recovered from last night. If you read my blog or watched the video blog from last night, you'll know that I got SICK after dinner last night. I threw up everything that I had eaten since 4:30 pm...which sucked. I felt ok after that, but still felt a little weak. I didn't recover completely until about 5 pm today. I guess it really was a 24-hr bug or something. 

We had a light lunch - Christian ate chicken nuggets and I had a No Bake Energy Bite from my fridge. I wasn't incredibly hungry and that helped to tide me over until dinner. (Lunch wasn't served until 2:30 

We then needed to get out of the house, so we went to the grocery store. I was completely out of milk and Christian was running low on apple juice. We went and picked that up, gassed up my vehicle, and came back home so I could cook dinner. We had Egg-Battered Fried Chicken. Sounds like it's really bad for you, but actually comes in at about 288 calories per serving. I made rice too. Christian ate every. last. bite. That always makes me feel good. Boosts my ego when the 2 year old approves. emoticon 

Christian went to bed at about 7:40 pm. That's 20 minutes early for him, but he was EXHAUSTED after the short visit from Grammy and Papa after dinner. Once he was down, I did Insanity - Pure Cardio. This was the first time that I had done this video and WOW! No water breaks!? I took two, which isn't bad. I pushed through the workout, but I did start feeling a little weak after the first 5 minutes of it. I figured it was remnants of last night's sickness. I kept going though. Be proud! emoticon 

Now, I'm watching Buffy and trying to relax. I think if I could be any fictional character, it'd be Buffy. I'd even accept the fact that I'd have died twice if I could be her. She's awesome. Haha. I watch Buffy and am inspired to change my life so that I can be as active as a slayer emoticon It's a little lame and embarrassing to say that, I know, but it's one of my many inspirations to keep going with my lifestyle change. I'm in it for real this time around. I'm over feeling bad. I'm over being overweight. I'm over feeling insecure. I'm over it and ready to change! 

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon