Thursday, April 3, 2014

Planning the School Based Educator Unit

The school based educator unit went ok. It was really hard at first for me to feel comfortable enough reaching out to someone at another school in the community. Because of this, I got a late start on the assignment. 

Once we finally got started planning out the unit, it was just fine. I felt very confident in my suggestions and in the help that I was able to provide. I have never worked with high school and it was very interesting to see what my future students will have to accomplish once they get to Richmond Senior High School.

After the initial face-to-face meeting, we just relied on facebook, e-mail, and texting to plan the rest of the unit. It was very simple and we worked well together. This made me so much more comfortable with the idea of working with other teachers in content areas other than what I am used to teaching.

The unit itself is very well planned, I believe. I'm still waiting on one final piece from my colleague, but it will be completed and wonderful tomorrow evening.

I think that next time I go to plan a unit, I will start earlier. I will show up with ideas and not let my nerves get the best of me. I will contribute confidently and not worry so much about making suggestions.