Friday, August 17, 2012

Ok....Classroom Reveal (just about finished...)

Ok, this is going to be picture heavy. Prepare yourself.

Let me start off with my classroom from last year. This is the same room that I'm in this year...but I had 0 experience putting a classroom together.

**This is what I walked into last year**


**Rows of desks...**

**3 posters above my bookshelf...and NOT centered. Ick** 

**Posters on my cabinets...**

**Bulletin board....the left side is for student work and the right side is my "What Did You Say?" display for all three classes**

**My vocabulary words (the flowers) and my rules poster above my SMARTboard**
**The view from the back of my room. I added more stuff above the white board as the year went on...more vocabulary words and a consequences poster**

Ok...that's my room last year.

Here's this year's photos:

**My door...**

**Posters next to my bookshelf**

**Bookshelf & posters**

**Grade/Copy/File organizer!!!**

**Information bulletin board**

**The flowers I made**

**Expectations and Consequences posters above SMARTboard**

**Space created for emergency information and telephone extensions**

**Posters below the SMARTboard**


**Writing posters below the board**

**Posters above the bookshelf. Much better than last year!**

**My pretty boxes my mom bought for me :)**

**My "What Did You Say?" display.**

**I changed the W. It's capitalized now! Lol!**

That's pretty much what I've gotten finished thus far. I'm really excited about how it looks this year. It's much better than last year. :)