Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Made It #3, First Day Back, and TpT Sale!

Today is Monday...which can only mean one thing: MONDAY MADE IT!

Honestly, I haven't made anything new since I did my big classroom reveal...but here are the things that I DIYed for my classroom!

My Grade/Copy/File box! :)

Updating my calendar with some duct tape!

The finished product!

DIY bulletin border! I used tissue paper (got the idea here)

Backdrop for my emergency information (fire drill, tornado drill, phone extensions, etc.). I used scrapbook paper, taped it together, and then had it laminated. :)

Phew. That's it. Sorry for the crappy Monday Made It. Next week, I'll do more. I almost promise :)

Today was the first day back for all teachers in my district. WOW! There are so many new faces at my school. There has to be at least 15 newbies! None of them are brand new, 22 year old people, straight out of college. They've all had careers before teaching...but they've decided to start their teaching career at my school! Yay!

Five of the new teachers are on my hall! That's CRAZY! I have one newbie on my team....and one newbie who is also teaching ELA. I'll plan with her and another veteran teacher. I'm really, really excited about the year now that I've met all of the teachers on my hall. They're all incredibly nice. I think that our hall could be AMAZING this year.

However, after today, let me just say that I'M EXHAUSTED. My feet hurt. My head hurts. My brain feels like it almost can't function. I'm not overloaded with information like I was last year...but part of me feels like I'm still brand new. My nerves were still shaky when I walked into the meeting this morning. I don't know why. I sat through a million of those meetings as the year went on last year. I don't know. All I know right now is that I'm exhausted, broken down tired, feeling almost dead. Hopefully this week will help get me back used to the daily grind. My almost whole pot of coffee helped this morning...but, by noon, I still felt like crashing.

Two more days until I get to meet some of my students!!!! :) Yay!

Last item of business...FLASH SALE! I'm putting everything in my TpT store at 15% off! Starting now through Tuesday, 8/21, everything is on sale! :)

Here's the link: Andi's TpT Store. Check it out! :)