Thursday, August 2, 2012

Classroom Library Woes & BATMAN!

I feel kinda guilty. First of all, I'm getting a little slack on my posts. Second, I don't really have much to tell you guys today. I wish that I could tell you this great story about what I've been doing. Instead, let me tell you that I hate organizing my classroom library. I'm doing it by genre and last name of author. OMG. It's taking forever. I took pictures of my books so that I could type them into Book Wizard and find the Lexile Level, Grade Level, and Genre(s). Holy moly, Batman! I feel like I've been categorizing books forever and I still have 21 more photos to go through. Blah.

If anyone knows a better way to do this, please let me know!!!!!

On another note, I went to go see The Dark Knight Rises last night. SO GOOD! I was impressed. I love superhero movies...especially Batman movies. I'm not going to write anything that might give it all away...but you have to pay attention to the end! It clues you in to so many new things/possibilities for future movies! Yay!

I came home last night and got a good night's sleep (thanks to my mother who kept Christian all night last night). Woke up to this picture:

This is my full Batman gear. Please note that this outfit is complete with a cape!!!! I immediately had to go pick him up from his Grammy's house because of how cute this picture was!!!

Here are two more pictures of his cape! :)

He loved his outfit! Wore it all day! If I would sing the Batman theme, he would even finish it for me! ("Na na na na na na na na. Na na na na na na na na BATMAN!" He would say Ba-may-un. He's only 13 months old! Hahaha). Precious. I'm still trying to get it on video!

That's really all I have for today. Wish I had more.

I do want to wish you luck if you are planning to brave Walmart or Target at midnight for the beginning of Tax Free Weekend. More power to you. I'm going to go at some point, maybe. Sometimes, it's worth it for me to pay taxes in exchange for avoiding the mobs!