Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Classroom Update!

Thought I'd share what I accomplished today. This will be mostly bear with me :)

**Using printed Duck Tape to update my calendar! I'd never used Duck Tape before and was surprised how easy it was to use!**

**Done! Looks much better!!!**

**Finished my "What Did You Say?" display at the back of my room. Just now seeing that the w that I cut is a lowercase w. Ugh. I'll fix it tomorrow.**

**From the front of my room**

**This might be my favorite part of my classroom!!! I love my bulletin board!**

**My Grade/Copy/File container!!! :)**

I still have a little bit to I'll go tomorrow morning and do what I can. I'll probably only stay until about lunch time though. I need to reset and enjoy the last few days of my precious summer break!