Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New List!

Alright, I thought it was time to re-do my to-do list.  I have been updating and updating my old to-do list for weeks now. I just need to scrap it and make a new one. I have 3 days until my school year starts back up. I go back to work "officially" on the 20th...but we know how those first few days are - MEETINGS!!!!

  1. Finish creating materials for the 1st unit.
  2. Create my ISN cover and table of contents page. I'll make the rest as I go along with the kids.
  3. Create birthday calendar/area.
  4. Create enrichment station with materials for students to grab when they finish their work for the day.
  5. Vocabulary for the 1st 6 Weeks. (WWW)
    • Create SmartBoard work/bell-ringers.
    • Create flowers for above my board.
  6. Finish "What Did You Say?" wall on cabinets. Put white letters up on each cabinet door.
  7. Finish bulletin board in classroom. Needs to be a welcome back board with information for beginning of school + a way to display work. Hmmmm....
  8. Make copies for the 1st day of school (how many should I make? 4 classes and no hint of how many kids in each class...)
    • Welcome Back letter
    • Rules
    • Procedures
    • Journals
    • 18 Book Project Stuff
    • Truth/Lies
    • ELA Survey
    • Discipline Record
  9. Re-do calendar so that it matches classroom scheme (duck tape). Hang it.
  10. Re-do Rules/Consequences posters. Hang them.
  11. Finish creating my grade/copy/file container.
  12. Add flowers to my desk...maybe. :)
  13. Create space for emergency information (above phone).
  14. Make new Date, Homework, Learning Target, and Agenda Labels for my white board. :)
That should take care of my classroom and make me prepared for the beginning of the year.

Phew. I'm still so anxious. Does the anxiety about the 1st day of school ever go away?

**Update - 8/15/12 (3:30 pm) - Finished my bulletin board, "What Did You Say?" cabinets, calendar, and grade/copy/file box. Realized that I still need to hang my emergency I'll create that tonight and hang it tomorrow. I didn't plan on coming back to work tomorrow, but I'll be here anyway.**

**Update - 8/16/12 (2:51 pm) - Finished my expectations and consequences posters, hung the rest of my ELA writing posters, created my space for emergency info and the phone list, put my files away, created my date, homework, learning target, and agenda labels (but need to print them, laminate them, and cut them out), laminated my months of the year and "I can..." statement cards and cut them out, and got my calendar completed. Busy day!**