Sunday, August 19, 2012


Ok, I'm aware that I didn't post at all yesterday. I don't know what's up with me. I could not get motivated to do anything. I guess I'm just trying to enjoy my last two days of break. I officially go back to work tomorrow. I'm not sure how I'm going to get up at 6 AM, get myself and my child ready, and be at work by 8. I haven't gotten up before 8 in at least a month. I should have been trying all week to get used to the schedule...but I just wanted to enjoy my time. For the next 9-10 months, I'm going to be up at 6 AM every day...and yes, I mean every day....because once my child is on a schedule and is up at 6 AM during the week, he'll be up at 6 AM on Saturdays and Sundays as well. Sigh, this is the life of a teacher.

I'm still kinda nervous about going back. It doesn't feel real. I'm going to go tomorrow, sit in my meetings, and take it all in. Last year, I was so incredibly nervous about starting. It was my VERY FIRST DAY as a teacher! It's been a year...and I just can't believe it. It's been the fastest year of my life.

This week will go like this:

  • Monday:
    • Up at 6 am - drink an entire pot of coffee! :)
    • 8 am - Breakfast with the faculty/staff
    • 8:30 am- 12 pm - Opening Meeting
    • 1 pm - 4 pm - Vocabulary Support Training
    • Pick up Christian from day care
    • Cook dinner
    • Weekly Home Blessing Hour (5-6 pm) + Zone mission for the day
    • Christian's bed time - 8 pm
    • SLEEP!
  • Tuesday:
    • Up at 6 am - maybe 3/4 of a pot of coffee this morning! :)
    • 8 am - 12 pm - Vocabulary Support Training pt. 2
    • 1 pm - 4 pm - Meet at Richmond Senior High with the other ELA teachers to plan for the school year
    • Pick up Christian
    • Cook dinner
    • Clean out refrigerator and freezer.
    • Write grocery list and menu for the week.
    • Zone mission for the day
    • Christian's Bedtime - 8 pm
    • SLEEP!!!
  • Wednesday
    • Up at 6 am - 1/2 a pot today!
    • 8 am - I don't think I have any meetings today....however, I will be at my school in my classroom all day...making sure I have my copies run off and ready and getting ready for open house.
    • 4-6 pm - Open House
    • Pick up Christian from my mom's house.
    • Dinner???
    • Zone Mission
    • Grocery shopping and other errands??? - Idk if this will happen.
    • Christian's bedtime - 8 pm
    • SLEEP!
  • Thursday:
    • Up at 6 am - back to my regular routine of 1 LARGE cup a day.
    • 8 am - back to my school.....working in my room until 12!
    • 1:30-4 pm - Convocation. Welcoming in the school year with the entire county, school board, and all of the Superintendents :)
    • Picking up Christian.
    • Dinner?
    • Zone Mission
    • Bible Study/Girl time - 5:30 pm
    • Christian's bedtime - 8 pm
    • SLEEP!!!
  • Friday:
    • Up at 6 am - coffee, coffee, coffee
    • Back to my room for my last day of getting ready.
      • Focus on cleaning and organizing today.
      • Make sure everything is PERFECT for Monday (oh, I'm such a perfectionist)
    • At some point, I can go to the Annex for information about the instructional support docs for the year...but I already know how to use Google Docs/ I'll see if this is a requirement. I've been using those docs all summer!
    • Pick up Christian around 4
    • Dinner?
    • Clean out car and bags (purse and school bag)
    • See about going out with Kevin to celebrate the fact that I made it through my first week back.
    • Christian's bedtime - 8 pm
    • SLEEP!!! I MADE IT!!!

Ok, busy week. Trying to get back in the groove of things. Please notice my coffee schedule. I will be bouncing off the walls on Monday and Tuesday...but that's the only way I'll make it through this week. CAFFEINEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Sigh. I'll let you know how it all goes.