Saturday, August 4, 2012

Working Out, Food, and Interactive Notebooks

Ok. I worked out for the first time in a WHILE today. I thought I might die. I did not think I was even going to make it through the entire 40 minutes of it. I did...but DANG IT, Shaun T! You were "Rockin' [my] Body" all over the living room. (Er....Did anyone else feel like that came out....wrong?). I did Mark, Move, & Groove, and Party Express. Phew! Tomorrow is Disco Fever! I love that one!

Now for the food part. I cooked a recipe that I found online tonight. I don't recommend it to anyone. I wish I knew exactly where I got it from. I can cook. I can REALLY cook. I promise. I cook all the time. This, guys, was the nastiest thing I've cooked in a long, LONG time. Lemon Pepper Chicken w/Noodles. Doesn't sound gross, right? Probably wouldn't have been gross...except for the noodles part. It was cooked spaghetti that I mixed with lemon pepper, vegetable oil, and 4 eggs...then fried for 3 minutes on medium heat, flipped, and fried for 3 more minutes. I just don't feel like you should have to cut your noodles with a pizza cutter.

Don't get me wrong - the chicken was AWESOME! I'd eat 1305975 pieces of that (which is why I'm fat and gross in the first place) in a heartbeat. The noodles were...weird. Christian liked them almost as much as the Pop-Tart he was eating at the same time. Kevin said they were good (and he is a harsh critic most of the time)...but I HATED them. I will never make that again. I might do the chicken with some rice or something. I hate it when you have such high expectations for something and then you are disappointed.

That leads me into this next part. Interactive Notebooks. Sigh, I'm so iffy about doing that this year. I've never done it before and I'm nervous. I looked online and got a lot of information from a website that was basically a lot of slideshows that all said the same thing. I made my own that was just like theirs...with a few exceptions. I made it my own. I'll upload it to this blog in a few minutes (once I get the credits on it and upload it to Google Docs). Here is the link to the Google Doc. (ARGH! I've never uploaded anything to Google Docs and I am not sure why I'm having problems. The document was uploaded just fine. You can see it if you click the link. None of my page backgrounds were included though. That annoys me. Let me try some other things.) You are welcome to download it and use it in your room as well!

Ok. Here's what's going on with it right now. The link up there goes to the PowerPoint. It has no cute backgrounds and does something weird to a few of the slides. This link is for the folder with the jpg images for each slide. Idk how to upload it any other way! I love being new with Google Docs.

Let me know if you see anything on this PowerPoint that you think needs to be altered. I'm happy with it for right now. I'll probably edit it a million times before I show it to the kids on August 27th! (23 days! AHHHHHHH!)