Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Anchor Charts in Middle School...& a Giveaway or 2! :)

Here's my question of the day:

Do anchor charts work well in middle school?

Now let me explain why I'm asking.

I love anchor charts. I love the idea of them. I think they are phenomenal. I love the idea of giving students a visual for learning.

Here's the problem:

In middle school, I'll have 4 classes a day. This means that I'd have to make that anchor chart with 4 different classes. I would want to have student & teacher collaboration on the charts that I use. I don't necessarily want it to all be my thoughts.

  1. Don't use anchor charts (I hate this idea).
  2. Make four anchor charts in one day (This idea stinks almost as bad).
  3. Make one anchor chart and walk the kids through it in each class (problem: no student collaboration)
  4. Make an anchor chart on the SMARTboard (problem: if I need my SMARTboard for anything else, my anchor chart disappears).
  5. ??????
Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions? I'm looking for some help here! I'm sure that one of my 29 followers or one of the 4164 people who have viewed my page has an idea!!! :)

Thanks in advance, guys (and girls!!!)

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