Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY Clipboard & Day 1 in the Classroom


I wanna tell you about a few things today. The first of which is my beautiful new clipboard. I'm so proud of it! :)

Here's a picture:

I started with a clear, plastic clipboard from Walmart, scrapbook paper, Mod Podge (I LOVE THIS STUFF!), and a brush for the glue.

**I wish I would have taken pictures as I made it!**

I glued down the grey flower paper first. Then, I tore the other three papers the way that I wanted them. I glued them down on top of the grey paper. :) I loveeeeeee the way it turned out!!!! I want to make 30958 more, now!

Today was also the first day that I was able to get into my classroom. This is what I walked into (well, I moved a few things around before I remembered to take the picture):

That's intimidating to me! Luckily, my trusty boyfriend Kevin came to assist today! I knew I wanted to at least get the furniture moved around while I had his help! Hopefully, he'll go back with me next week to help me put some other stuff up?? If not, I'm sure I can recruit someone to come and keep me company!

We focused on getting the furniture where I needed it and setting up my computer/printer. Here is what the room looked like after about an hour and a half:

Still incredibly decorations yet, no nothing. At least I got my furniture set up. It might stay this way. We'll see. I know that, for the first little while, I want my kids in least until they get used to me and I to them (I'd like to learn their names before they go crazy!)

Hopefully, I'll get things done this weekend so that I can just go in and set up/decorate next week! I HATE it being so boring in there....

Next week will be a tough one! I'm getting super nervous.

Prayers, guys! (Also, if you have any suggestions on what to do differently in my room...let me know! Something still feels off...)