Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tired Tuesday

Just checking in today. Not much of a post...

Today, I learned that I'm the only 7th grade ELA teacher in my district who has previously taught 7th grade ELA. There are other teachers who have taught 8th grade ELA...but most of the teachers are newbies!!! A lot of teachers also have been switched from Social Studies to ELA. It's going to be a fun year and we all have so much to learn. I was called "expert" several times today and, let me clarify really quick, I'm a SECOND YEAR TEACHER. I am NOT an expert by any means. Lol! All of the Common Core stuff is still so new to me and to everyone that I feel incredibly overwhelmed.

Do I love it? Yes.

Am I as confident going in as I wish I was? No.

Do I think that it'll be fine once the year gets going? Absolutely. :)

I'm super excited and still incredibly nervous about the kids coming back. I get to meet a lot of them tomorrow at Open House! :)

Hope everyone else is having a super week! I know that I'm exhausted and it's only Tuesday!


PS: Every time I look at my labels when I'm about to publish a post, I see this label that I have used in other posts - "working out" - and I feel so guilty because I did not work out yesterday and I WILL NOT work out tonight. It is 10 pm. I'm tired. My bed looks soooooo comfy :)