Thursday, August 9, 2012

New TpT Product ("I Can..." Statement Cards)

Alright, guys! NEW PRODUCT ALERT!

I just uploaded a new product to my TpT Store. I'm super excited about this one.

"I Can..." Statement Cards that are aligned with the 7th Grade Common Core State Standards!!!

Take a peek:

In this package, you get 117 "I Can..." Statement Cards (8 of them are blank). They are aligned with the following standards:

  • RI.7.1
  • RI.7.2
  • RL.7.1
  • RL.7.2
  • L.7.2a
  • L.7.4a
  • L.7.4b
  • L.7.4c
  • L.7.4d
  • SL.7.1a
  • SL.7.1b
  • SL.7.1c
  • SL.7.1d
  • W.7.2a
  • W.7.2b
  • W.7.2c
  • W.7.2d
  • W.7.2e
  • W.7.2f
  • W.7.4
  • W.7.5

You can purchase it by visiting my TpT store or by clicking on this link:

I hope you enjoy!! Let me know what you think!