Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Oh, Mrs. Pollard. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this on your blog.

Mrs. Pollard has such cute ideas for classroom organization. This was one of her ideas. The store she got them from is having a 20% off sale. I just ordered mine (and, BTW, I looked at WalMart and Amazon for these...and they are much cheaper from Mardel - $5 vs. $10).

Here is the link to Mrs. Pollard's blog telling you all about the filetastic (hanging file organizer) and she even has a cute little picture of hers! Tales of a Teacherista

Here is a link to Mardel's website. Search for Filetastic to find the product in a ton of different colors and designs: Mardel

Also, here's a coupon code that will save you a SMALL amount! It saved me like...$.50 :) The code is GSPN

I'm so excited about this. I plan to use mine for important information, detention slips/referrals (booooooo!), missed work, that weeks copies, etc. Woo Hoo!!!