Monday, July 23, 2012

So much to do, so little time

I don't know why I'm having this moment so early, but I am beginning to panic about the new school year already. I need to start devoting at least a solid hour every day to planning for this year. I always think about planning. It's always on my mind. It's like my body won't let me start. PROCRASTINATION!!!!!

I thought I would start a to-do list of purely back to school type things.

  1. Print off all items for 1st Unit (Google Apps).
  2. Mark pages in textbook to which I will need to refer.
  3. Read stories for 1st Unit (textbook and online).
  4. Finish creating materials for 1st Unit.
  5. E-mail Joy about WWW for this year.
  6. Decorate my clipboard (Pinterest idea).
  7. Buy binder and decorate for missed work/notes.
  8. Back to school shopping - Tax Free Weekend (August 3-5)
  9. Make a sample ISN to show kids (not sure if I really want to do this one...)
  10. Organize my books by genre. Label genres.
  11. Make a table caddy (Pinterest idea)
  12. Create procedures.
  13. Create rules/expectations.
  14. Revise consequences.
  15. Picture frames with lined paper and a cute bow = dry-erase boards for to-do list (Pinterest idea)
  16. Teacher Toolbox (Pinterest idea)

I'm sure I'll add more. Sigh. Too much to do. I'm tired just looking at it all.

--Andi :)