Friday, August 3, 2012

Organized Pantry

I just can't stop today. Idk what's going on with me but I feel like I have to fix everything...make it more organized. I don't know if I'm just bored or if this is my form of procrastination on teacher things. More than likely, it's the latter.

Anyway, my pantry was GROSS. It hasn't really been organized since I moved in back in June. Here is what it looked like before:

Please note the CHAOS that was my pantry. Things are just thrown wherever they will fit. I have Hamburger Helper trying to take over the spot where the Prego is sitting. I have cereal falling off the shelf. I have things in general chaos in the left corner of the bottom shelf. Nothing is organized. Nothing has a place. The box was left from the previous owner. It has the fire hydrant, mop, plus some other RANDOM things that I've thrown in there because it's hidden if it's in the giant box.

This is my pantry now:

Much better, right? Here is how it's organized now:
  • Top Shelf: Baking Goods (flour, corn meal, crisco, oil, etc.) and Drink Mixes
  • Middle Shelf: Breakfast. All Breakfast stuff (cereal, oatmeal, pop-tarts, Nesquik, pancake syrup, etc.)
  • Bottom Shelf: Canned Goods, Dressings, Sauces, Pasta, Boxed Dinners, and Snacks
  • Floor: Cleaning Supplies, Wine Glasses that I need to paint, and large cooking gear (FryDaddy and George CrockPot will join once it's clean. Used it for dinner tonight.)
Much better, right? I thought so.


PS: The reason I have so much of some things is because I got it CHEAPLY! Thank you, Southern Savers for teaching me how to coupon shop!