Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday, Round 2 (Day 8)

I am so proud of Nick (and of myself, but for two different reasons).

This morning, we both got up at 4:30 (why I'm proud of myself) and started our day. We drank Spark, took our supplements, and began our day in a very nutritionally sound way.

Yoga happened next! Nick worked through a whole flow of Sun Salutations with me (why I'm proud of him). It was 14 minutes, but still, that's 14 minutes he wouldn't have done otherwise.

He says that he does it for me...but then he texted me about 15 minutes ago: "I really do feel better." Yes, starting your day with yoga really does help! Even if it's a short sequence, the stretching just makes you feel awake and alive.

We ate breakfast afterwards: that nasty Fiber drink (just two more times, we can do this!) plus some cereal with almond milk. Nick also had a banana.

Nick left at 5:15 and I went ahead and did another one of Erin Motz's videos: Learning Dancer Pose, which was about 12 minutes.

I feel very stretched out now.

Here's the plan for the rest of the day:

--Fold the laundry that's in the dryer
--Shower and get ready for work
--Work from 7:30 - whenever the faculty meeting is over

  • Snack: Fruit (either the apple or banana...probably the banana)
  • Lunch: Salad with chicken, other fruit, maybe almonds
  • Trying to avoid needing the 2nd Spark.
  • Snack (around 3:30 or 4): almonds (if I didn't eat them already) or rice cakes
--Home with Christian
--Cleaning a little and cooking dinner: Fish + Oven Baked Brown Rice + Green Beans
--Finishing a few reflections
--LIB 5525 Group Meeting at 7
--Christian goes to bed at 8
--PiYo: Sweat with Nick
--Then, I'll probably be ready to sleep myself.

We're one full week into the challenge. Today, I'm feeling a little bloated, but it will pass. Just gotta make sure I stay hydrated!

I'm excited for Day 11!