Friday, April 22, 2016

Day 5

Yesterday was bad. To take a quote from Buffy, it..."sucked beyond the telling of it."

I walked into work yesterday and felt like I might cry. My anxiety is at 700% for some reason and I don't know why.

Or, maybe I do and I'm not admitting it to myself.

You never know.

Regardless, it took everything I had to get through my work day yesterday. To top it off, Tuesdays/Thursdays are my long days because of my second job at another school.

Everything was much better as soon as I picked up my son, made the drive home, walked in, and saw my fiance´. Nick and Christian always make me feel better. Grounded and centered. More like myself.

I went to bed very happy and at peace last night. That's what I needed.

As far as the AdvoCare challenge goes, here's what I did yesterday:

**Pre-Breakfast/Breakfast were in yesterday's post.
**Snack - banana at about 10:30
**Lunch - salad, tuna, and an apple at 12
**Spark at 2:50
**Snack - Grapes at 3:20
**Dinner - Eggs, Turkey Bacon, and Whole Wheat Toast with Peanut Butter

This brought me to about 1300 calories for the day.

Then, of course, Nick and I did PiYo: Define Upper Body. It's only 18 minutes and MyFitnessPal says it only burns like 61 calories, which makes me laugh. It's got to burn more than that, but oh well.

Nick weighed himself yesterday. He has already lost 3 lbs (he weighed without clothes on). I told him you aren't supposed to weigh until Day 11.

The temptation was too great, so I weighed myself too. The first time I weighed before the challenge, I was naked. I weighed myself in my clothes from work yesterday afternoon and it was right after dinner. I've lost 2 lbs so far...but that's in clothes and after a 500-600 calorie meal.

Not too shabby.

No more weighing until Day 11! Gotta make it through.

Today, so far, has been just like the others:

  • Pre-breakfast: Advocare Spark (Grape today...which I'm not a big fan of, honestly) + Probiotic Restore, Catalyst, and ThermoPlus
  • Yoga: DoYouYoga 30 Day Challenge, Day 24: No Sweat Morning Yoga
  • Computer time for a few
    • Christian woke up at 5:39. Whaaaaaat?! So much for my quiet time in the morning.
    • He got dressed, put his shoes on, found his Relay for Life money, and asked for breakfast.
  • Breakfast: Shakeology for me, Poptarts for little man
  • Blogging (while Christian is on his iPad)
Now, it's time to get ready for the day. One more day of tutoring today (I wish I got to keep her every Friday. She's progressing so well.)

Happy Friday! :)