Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Blog - 10-28-14

Just a few days before Halloween! My favorite holiday! Just had to put that out there! ;)

That feeling of discouragement? The one I talked about last week? Yeah, still here.

Still a very unproductive week. After I surveyed my students, I decided to play around with OverDrive. You can use OverDrive with just about ANY device. If it doesn't download the app, you use Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). If it uses apps, it's even easier. The NOOKs that our school has doesn't have apps, so I will have to use ADE to get it working with our devices.

The librarian and I are working on a system to check the e-readers in and out right now. We don't feel like we will be checking any of them out until after Christmas, but it's nice to plan early.

Next week:
1. Sit down and plan with librarian again. Need to come up with next steps.
2. Contact Jesse Gibson again. Ask for permission to link OverDrive to school website.
3. Continue to work on check out system for e-readers.