Friday, October 3, 2014

Blog - 10-3-14

Literature Review post!

I found the coolest article this week. Did you know that middle school boys are more likely to read on e-readers than using a book? I didn't.

I do now!

There is a study being conducted that shows that boys are much more engaged in reading when they do so on a tablet of some kind.  I wonder why that is.

I also have found another article that shows that students are just as, if not more, interactive with a text when they utilize the features on an e-reader than they are with a book. You can't highlight in a library book. You can't take notes on a library book. BUT you can with an e-reader. They come with those functionalities that allow for much personal interaction.

I hadn't even thought about that before. I should have. Every time I read something from Amazon on my Kindle, it will have passages underlined with a dashed line. If you click on it, it says ### people have highlighted this passage. Neat, huh? Also, kind of creepy that Amazon keeps track of data like that.


Basically, e-readers are the Glad I'm doing my project with them!