Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blog - 10-14-14

Last week, I surveyed my students to find out what kind of readers they are and how much technology they use. I am a little shocked at the responses. I learned that a lot of my kids like to read, but not all of them consider themselves to be good readers. I also learned that a lot of my students use technology. I had a feeling that they did, but to see how many students use it on paper - WOW!

I'm glad I'm working on this project. To be able to tie in reading with technology is really exciting for me and for the students. I hope that it will push them to read more in their spare time since they will be able to use their personal technological devices to read. Plus, students will be able to use the NOOKs from the media center to read anything from the public library.

Still waiting to hear from Jesse Gibson, director of the Sandhills Regional Library System. Once we have his approval, we will be able to move forward with the project.