Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Blog - 11-4-14

This week has been much better.

It's nice to say that and really mean it.

After sitting down with the media specialist, we've decided to do something really awesome for the students - RAM CASH!!!!!

Ram cash is a red slip that students receive that allows them to get a free concession at school events - dances, sporting events, after school activities, Ram Fest (which is coming up in a few weeks), etc.

Now, how will they receive this Ram Cash you ask!?



Students are going to have to have public library cards in order to use OverDrive. We knew that, without incentive, students were not very likely to go out and get a library card. However, with an incentive, we figured that a lot more students would go to the library and get a card. The more students we have with library cards, the more students we can reach with this program.

I'm excited! Maybe I'll show my library card so I can get Ram Cash too ;)