Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Blog - 11-11-14

Remember the incentive I blogged about last week? Ram Cash?

BIG SUCCESS. I was hoping we'd have 20 kids show up with a public library card. We just had student number 53 show us the card today. 53! I know in school of 500+, 50 doesn't seem like a lot. It is. In my area, these students will barely do anything if it counts for a grade, let alone just because we ask them to.

We've given out a ton of Ram Cash this week and we are going to continue giving it out for the rest of the semester. We aren't going to announce the prize any more after this week, but students will be able to show us their card all year and we will give them Ram Cash.

We also found ourselves needing to get homeroom lists from every homeroom teacher so that we could cross off students when they show us their card. Sneaky rascals tried to come back and get a second Ram Cash. I didn't even think of that. They're smart.

We've decided that the next step would be to have a parent night. This will benefit our school in general, because Title I requires so many parent meetings, but also because it's always great to have parent involvement.

I'll blog more about that next week!