Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Blog - 11-25-14

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Wow, this semester has flown by. I have one week left, that's it! Class is over in one week.

Last week, I posted that I had to create flyers for my parent night. Welllllll, fail. I made them, hung them up, and then the parent night had to be moved, again.

Go figure, right?

It has been pushed until December 11th at 5:30 pm.

We are sending home permission slips and everything that night so that students will be able to use the NOOKs after Christmas.

I found a really neat video that I want to show the parents when they come. It'll serve to educate them on how to use OverDrive. I wonder how many parents will use this themselves.

Something I've been thinking about a lot is: Why didn't the public library really advertise when they acquired this service? It's still relatively new for the system, but no one told anyone. I found out from my media specialist that our county now had access to OverDrive. Had I known that, I would've been using it from the beginning. I think listening to Audra talk about how she's advertising the things her middle school media center is doing makes me wish that the public library had something like that to keep us all informed.

Audra's project has given me some really great ideas for when I have my own library as well. I'm definitely going to be utilizing social media to get things out there for parents and the community to see how fantastic the media center really is. I love that this project has inspired me to do more!