Friday, April 5, 2013

NaPoWriMo: Day 5

Cheating! Poetry writing class assignment! :)

"The Piano"

52 ivories,
the accepted standard, A through G.
36 ebonies,
sharps and flats, anomalies stuck between.
88 total keys,
a combination of the beautiful and awkward
making it perfect and complete.

The dented and bruised base -
scars from the abuse of years past.
Black ink stains the keys
Stuck there from years of frustration
from when the music just wouldn't write itself.

By candlelight, it waits to be played,
to be used -
for its purpose to be fulfilled.
The melody that is played is a
perfect representation of the artist.
A balance between loneliness -
all played in a minor key -
and a deep-seated hope -
The occasional major chord -
stemming from emotions locked inside.

Music is where she hides.
The only way of honest expression
without saying how she feels.
Piano - her one defense -
Like her, worn out and battered
and played to death.
Used time and time again
until one day when, finally,
it breaks.