Sunday, September 16, 2012

New TpT Products!

If you read my blog yesterday, you'll know that I spent most of my Saturday creating stuff for my students! Imagine that, a teacher working on a!

Anyway, I thought I would let all everyone in the blogosphere know that I have two new products!!!!

The first is a 26 slide PowerPoint on writing! It teaches how to write an essay sentence by sentence. It includes examples of each sentence and of each paragraph. Pretty in depth!


The next product is an 8 slide PowerPoint that gives you some different activities with the affixes 'belli' and 'syn.' It includes 5 words to work with for each affix, a journal prompt, fill in the blanks, analogies, and sentences to edit for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. These are wonderful warm-ups to use at the beginning of class. They don't take very long (they usually take me 10 minutes, tops). :)


Both products can be found at my TpT store!!!